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Holographic Blackjack

Blackjack Bailey VR is an immersive virtual reality blackjack game designed for use with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard devices. While its graphics and gameplay are satisfactory, its audio could use some improvement.

Prior to playing hologram Casino games for real money, it is wise to first explore them for free first. This will enable you to familiarise yourself with how the games actually operate and pay out!


Blackjack is a widely loved casino game that has recently seen an upgrade with the introduction of hologram enhancements; these optical illusions bring the action right into your home! These may become regular features over time and could even result in online versions featuring these enhancements!

As many hologram Blackjack games now provide players with an auto play setting, allowing them to have the game automatically play off without needing to interact with it, we would always advise playing your initial round in free play mode!

Recently released is the virtual reality title Blackjack Bailey VR for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Google Cardboard on your phone. This holographic blackjack game provides users with an immersive virtual reality experience.


Like other casino games, the payouts of hologram blackjack vary between games but one common thread among all is its high winning potential.

Many hologram blackjack games provide their players with something known as an auto play option setting; this enables you to set the number of blackjack games that will be automatically played off for you.

Make sure to compare odds when it comes to various Blackjack hologram games so that you are always selecting one with the highest payouts possible! We suggest starting off playing any hologram blackjack games for free in order to become familiar with how they play and pay before putting real money bets down – only this way can you guarantee you’re receiving fair deals when gambling online casino games!


On Star Trek’s Deep Space Nine, Colonel Kira Nerys plays blackjack in a holographic casino and finds herself with two queens and six showing – only to receive an eight that she knows will bust. But then Frank Chalmers – an apparent casino owner – comes along and instructs the dealer to return it while giving Kira another card which eventually wins her the hand.

Keep an eye out when playing a hologram casino game to spot any special bonus features that may be available – they could add extra winning opportunities!

Some hologram casino games will provide something known as an auto play setting, which can be very handy in letting the game completely immerse you before setting about playing off automatically! Just keep in mind that certain hologram casino games may come with high play through requirements attached to any bonus offers that you might claim!

Sites to play

There are various sites where players can enjoy playing hologram blackjack games online. Most have been around for some time and provide a wide variety of games. Furthermore, these websites typically provide excellent customer support – something essential when gambling for money!

Option Settings – When playing Casino hologram games, experimenting with the various game play options available will maximize your gaming experience and help to ensure maximum winnings! Have a winning goal in mind for an easier cash out.

Keep an eye out for generous and attractive bonuses offered to new Casino hologram game players, which should be claimed and will increase the value of your bankroll when starting to play! Tournaments also give you an opportunity to win real money and should not be overlooked!

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