How to Avoid Slot Machine Fraud

Some people are able to manipulate slot machines without anyone noticing. These frauds require a great deal of knowledge about the workings of these machines. Slot machines come with a variety of ejection systems and cash receivers. The inner workings of these machines are treated as trade secrets by the authorities, but tech-savvy individuals are always trying to figure out how they work. If you suspect you are being a victim of slot machine fraud, there are some steps you can take to make sure you don’t become one of them.

One example of a successful slot machine fraud is a deeply religious Baptist. He was a church choir leader, and used his son as his accomplice. He would place a computer on his stomach, input various gadgets and card denominations, and then calculate winning combinations. A few years later, he was caught. But his machine was too complicated for experts to unravel, so he was convicted. However, many other cases have emerged.

Another method involves a computer-based device that simulates random number generators. The device essentially reads the computer chips inside the slot machine and can predict what the payout will be. This device is called a “Weeks Box” after its inventor Leo Weeks, who was caught using the machine at a Lake Tahoe casino. This is a relatively new way of cheating at slot machines. But it doesn’t mean that it’s completely useless.

One example of a slot machine fraud involves the theft of used money. A cheater would place used money from other countries in a slot machine and demand payment according to the symbols in the drums. This is not possible with modern slot machines. But some cheaters have succeeded in getting away with it. Fortunately, these machines are now protected by a magnetic field, which prevents the use of fake paper money. Although it can be tempting to play, these machines are not the best choice for most people.

Another method involved manipulating coins to trigger a payout. A slot cheat could manipulate a slot machine’s mechanisms by inserting coins with a fishing line. Once he was out of prison, he began using a special device he patented, called a monkey paw. This device releases coins from the slot machine, allowing it to be programmed to pay out only when a player’s balance is positive. This method, known as slot machine manipulation, was a successful method because the slot mechanism was unable to detect the wire or coin structure used.

The first and biggest slot machine fraud to come to light was Dennis McAndrew, aka Nikrasch. This convicted cheat cheated at more than $15 million with a crew and made millions of dollars from a single scam. After spending years in prison, he returned to Las Vegas, where he used his newfound knowledge and a sophisticated technique to manipulate the machines. However, when he returned to the casino, his accomplices managed to turn him in to the FBI when they suspected that he was not paying enough.