The Cultural Fascination with Casino Movies

Gambling is a cultural phenomenon as intrinsic to human nature as sports or art. In fact, the earliest ever recorded instance of gambling goes as far back as 3000 BC during the Mesopotamian era, when people used to use an archaic form of six-sided dice.

It should thus come as no surprise at all that this universal shared cultural fascination with gambling has been explored in through the artistic medium of film for decades. We are at a point now, in fact, where casino films have become somewhat their own genre in a sense.These films never fail to attracteven the most stubborn cinephiles as they often deliver compelling narratives and heaps of action.

High Stakes Action

Casino movies make for a riveting story because the large sums of money involve make for thrillingly high stakes. These sorts of movies typically explore the relationships that casinos have with patronsand the House’s willingness to win.

Main characters in casino movies, for this reason, typically begin with a trepidatious relationship with money or a history of bad luck which they and the audience achieve catharsis from through their choices and actions throughout the film.

With strong and compelling themes such as love, wealth, betrayal, and greed; casino movies are generally action-packed dramas perfect for mature viewers looking for something exciting to watch. Better yet, many of the best casino films are build-a-crew heist films that feature relatable Robin Hoodesque characters repossessing money from fictitiously corrupt casino officials.

Often involving extravagant set pieces, insane stunts, and a degree of intrigue and subterfuge befitting of a bond film, these sorts of casino films are action-packed romps that offer fantastic narrative twists and turns.

Casino Films Are Worth Watching

If you have never seen a casino film, you are definitely missing out on some great movies. if you are looking to introduce yourself to the genre then you should start with Ocean’s Eleven. This is the quintessential casino movie and one of the best out there.

The movie features an all-star cast including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Andy Garcia, Bernie Mac, and Matt Damon. Directed by Steven Soderberg, the film follows the story of Danny Ocean who, with the help of his ten accomplices, attempts to simultaneously rob three casinos owned by the corrupt and filthy rich man currently dating his ex-wife.

Who Doesn’t Love a Good Casino Movie?

Siteslike Big Dollar online casinoare great places for fun and betting but their land-based counterpart are also excellent settings for high-stakes action-drama films. If you have a pre-existing interest in slots, poker, or any other casino games, you are going to love watching the many great casino flicks that are out there! Other great examples of casino films include The Gambler (starring Mark Wallberg and Brie Larson) and Casino (starring Robert De Niro).

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